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Reel Earth Productions

Shawn Viens

| Director of Photography | Steadicam Operator |
Motion Control Time-lapse | Underwater Cinematographer | 
Shawn Viens is a Director of Photography and Steadicam Operator based out of Vancouver and Nanaimo, B.C. With over twelve years of experience shooting on high profile local and international productions, he has developed his depth of knowledge as a camera operator, steadicam operator, under water shooter and motion control time-lapse photographer. Shawn's extensive body of work has been filmed in a variety of settings, some of which have been challenging environments and extreme climates. In the past, his work has brought him to various remote locations, including the deserts of Namibia Africa and the coral reefs of Palau. As well as continuing to cultivate his craft as a Director of Photography , Shawn enjoys lighting interviews and other demanding scenes and locations. 

Recent Work


Network : National Geographic and Netflix

Locations :New York, Boston, Washington

Position : Director of Photography, Steadicam, Motion Control Time-lapse


Network : Independent Feature

Locations : Vancouver, BC

Postion : Steadicam, A Camera

Living In Hope

Network : knowledge Network

Locations : Vancouver, BC

Postion : Director of Photography